Convention Brochure

2018 Convention Brochure


Disclosure Form

2018 Student Disclosure Form


Creating an Invention

  • The Problem --  Find a problem that needs solving. Write it on the form.
  • The Idea --  Brainstorm ways to solve it. If there is already an invention, that solves that problem, can you think of a way to improve it?
  • Name it --  Come up with a name that people will remember. Write it on the form.
  • How it will work? --  Decide how your invention will work. What will it do? Does it need a source of power? What will it be made of? -- Write it on the form.
  • How will it look? -- Draw a diagram on your form that shows your invention. Label the parts.
  • Build a model --  Use your diagram to make a three-dimensional model of your idea. Bring it to the Invention Convention!
  • Most important:--  Have Fun!
Southern Tier Imaginink, Binghamton Invention Convention
Binghamton, NY
Email: inventodavinci@gmail.com